No Longer Human is the story of an ordinary boy and the issues faced by him in his life. It is the second bestselling novel in Japan written in the postwar period. The young man in the story Oba Yozo faces a lot of problems and portrays himself as a failure, if you read books like no longer human go down.

From his childhood to being an adult, he is continuously facing troubles. Oba Yozo becomes a clown to mask himself from being different. Even though he tries to understand human nature, he fails. Thus, books like no longer human he feels that he is not qualified for being a human.

The nature of the young man in the story represents many introverts in the world struggling to be active. It depicts their nature, and all such readers in this category will definitely like this novel.

The novel is somewhat semi-autobiographical, thus creating more interest in the readers. No Longer Human is a powerful exploration of an individual’s alienation from society which attracted the youth to become the best seller. 

Book author: Osamu Dazai
Publishing date: 1948
Ratings: 4.1/5


  • Oba Yozo- the narrator and the protagonist
  • Yozo’s father
  • Yozo’s mother
  • Yozo’s sister
  • Takeichi- Oba Yozo’s friend

As it is semi-autobiographical, only certain names are mentioned.

Category: fiction

10 Similar Books From No Longer Human

Some books that will give you the same feeling as that of No Longer Human are the following.

1. Kokoro By Natsume Sōseki

Kokoro is a Japanese novel published in serial form. The novel depicts the lonely feelings and the issues faced by many people living in this world. Kokoro tells the story of a young man named Soseki searching to fill a void in his life.

Soseki befriends an older man to learn more about life, calling him his Sensei. Later Soseki finds that his Sensei is a troubled man, who does not even trust him selves. He ends his life at last to end his suffering.

books like no longer human It is a novel that shows loneliness, fear, guilt, individuality, and betrayal. There is more than just a story for the readers to understand from this novel.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Natsume Sōseki
Publishing date: 11 August 1914
Ratings: 4/5
Category: mystery, solitary novel

2. Botchan: A Modern Classic By Natsume Soseki

Botchan is another Japanese novel that tells the story of a Botchan. The story starts from his childhood to his adulthood. The author himself is a part of the story by teaching students in a boy’s school.

Botchan at first was an energetic child who always makes trouble. When everyone complains only Kiyo the maidservant can find something redeeming in Botchan. The change in the character of Botchan, and his motherly love towards Kiyo makes the story more interesting for all ages from children.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Natsume Soseki
Publishing date: 1906
Ratings: 3.6/5
Category: morality, love

3. Norwegian Wood By Haruki Murakami

Norwegian Wood is a first-person novel, which tells the past story of the narrator about college life. The main characters in the story are Toru and Naoko. Toru is a preternaturally serious college student who falls in love with Naoko a beautiful girl. Their mutual passion is marked by the tragic death of their best friend that happened earlier.

After that incident, Toru becomes alienated and starts his college life in isolation. On the other hand, Naoko finds unbearable pressures and responsibilities in her life. The romance, depiction of loneliness, and mood will surely create some kinds of feelings in the reader.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Haruki Murakami
Publishing date: 1987
Ratings: 4/5
Category: Romance novel, solitary feelings, fiction

4. The Stranger By Albert Camus

The Stranger is a serial type of novel. It tells the story of an ordinary man Meursault, his love Marie, and his neighbor Raymond. The story with a telegram about the death of Meursault’s mother.

Later it gets into a murder mystery. The romance between the couple Meursault and Marie keeps the story engaging. Readers will get a twist when Meursault kills Raymond’s wife’s brother for no specific reason. This suspense will tempt them to know the climax.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Albert Camus
Publishing date: 1942
Ratings: 4/5
Category: Romance, Philosophical novel

5. Forbidden Colors By Yukio Mishima

Forbidden Color is a Japanese novel that was originally written with the name hijiki. The novel depicts the problem faced by a homosexual man named Yuchi during the time of postwar Japan. The story starts with the novelist trying to avenge himself on the woman who betrayed him with a poisoned cocktail.

Later he finds a perfect match instrument in Yuichi. The twists and problems arise from there, as Yuichi is discovering his attraction to other men. This is a different kind of story that will help the reader know about the different aspects of this world.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Yukio Mishima
Publishing date: 1951
Ratings: 3.9/5
Category: Literature & classic fiction

6. Carmilla By Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

The readers will get a thrill from reading the vampire novel Carmilla. Vampires are considered vampires or ones generated from them, which is a fearsome character. The story starts with Laura and her ailing father deep in the Austrian forest.

The friendship of Laura and Carmilla starts with the crash of a horse-drawn carriage. Later, her strange behavior makes Laura feverish and tormented by nightmares. It is one of the original vampire stories, that will always make the reader entertained and thrilled.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Sheridan Le Fanu
Publishing date: 1872
Ratings: 3.8/5
Category: Fantasy, mystery, thrilling, love

7. The Atlas Six By Olivie Blake

The Atlas Six is a fantasy novel series that is related to magicians. The story is about a secret Alexandrian society of magical academicians. Those who earn a place among them can enjoy a secured life with wealth, power, and prestige beyond dreams.

They will choose a few people each decade and will select the best candidates from them. The story gets more interesting when the inseparable enemies Libby Rhodes and Nicolas Ferrer de Varona are chosen by them for the test. The story is best suited for all fantasy lovers.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Olivie Blake
Publishing date: 30 January 2020
Ratings: 3.9/5
Category: Fantasy fiction novel, Contemporary fiction

8. Ninth House By Leigh Bardugo

The paranormal fantasy novel Ninth House tells the story of a girl Alex who can see the dead. The dreadful life of Alex starts with her early school dropout into a worse land. She lands in a world of shady drug dealer boyfriends, dead-end jobs, and everything worse.

By age twenty she becomes a sole survivor of a terrible homicide. The mystery in the story will attract most of all readers. The readers will get interested when Alex gets a chance to attend one of the world’s most elite universities on a full ride.

Later Alex searches for answers and finds out an=bout Yale’s secret societies. All this will make the readers engaged until the end.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Leigh Bardugo
Publishing date: 8 October 2019
Ratings: 4/5
Category: mystery, thrilling

9. It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover

It Ends with Us is a romantic novel about the story of Lily and Ryle. In the beginning, Lily has decided not to fall in love with anyone, but later she falls in love with Ryle.

The thoughts of Lily’s first love Atlas make her question herself with the new relationship. Lily is threatened with her new plans when Atlas reappears. The story will continue in a manner that will keep the reader in a good mood.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Collen Hoover
Publishing date: 2 August 2016
Ratings: 4.4/5
Category: Romance novel, fiction

10. Seven Japanese Tales By Jun’ichirō Tanizaki

The Seven Japanese Tales consists of seven stories that explore the boundary at which love becomes self-annihilated. There are different stories expressing different kinds of love and cruelty. Thus, it will attract people with different tastes.

Books Like No Longer Human

Book author: Jun’ichirō Tanizaki
Publishing date: 1963
Ratings: 3.8/5
Category: fiction, love

FAQs :

1. What should I read after No Longer Human?

If you are interested in novel books like no longer human, then you must read the novels Kokoro, Botchan, The stranger, Forbidden colors, The Atlas Six, etc.

2. Is No Longer Human a real story?

It is a semi-autobiographical novel written in the first person, thus half of it is real. It is related to the life of all such people who feel loneliness and alienation.

3. Is No Longer Human a coming-of-age novel?

Yes, No Longer Human is a coming-of-age novel, about the story of Oba Yozo from his childhood to adulthood. All the issues that faced him throughout his life are mentioned in the story.

4. What genre is No Longer Human?

No Longer Human is a fictional novel, which tells about the life of an ordinary man.

To Summarize

Books like no longer human show the loneliness faced by a man from his childhood. The story includes his love and all other problems in life. Those people who liked to read this novel can find this article helpful. Ten similar novels are detailed with a summary here.

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