When I read this book, then I got interested in these books and other Books Like Punk 57, the names are Loving Mr. Daniels, Unteachable, Welcome To The Dark Side, Their Stolen Bride, and The mystery of Books Like One Of Us Is Lying makes it One of the best novels to read.

Both of them only know the other through letters. From childhood, they are unseen friends communicating via letters for many years until adulthood. Misha is a musician and Ryen is a popular cheerleader.

The story gets into the mystery when Misha stops writing letters, and Ryen gets troubled by thinking about him.

Their relationship gets complicated when Ryen thinks that Misha is someone else. Masen named herself Misha and made friendship with Ryen through letters. Later when Ryen realizes that she’s not what he built her up to be in his imagination, he gets angry.

Punk 57 comprises friendship, romance, love, and problems faced by the youth. The fact that Misha is an outcast gives the readers more feelings for him.

His name change gives the readers a curiosity to know, what will happen next. It is a wonderful novel for all those who love romance novels, as it also deals with real-life situations.

Book author: Penelope Douglas
Publishing date: 21 October 2016
Ratings: 3.9/5

  • Misha – A musician, an outcast who was also called Masen in the story.
  • Ryen – Popular cheerleader, who made a relationship with Misha only through letters.

Category: Romance novel, Contemporary romance

1. Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry

Loving Mr. Daniels is a forbidden love story between Ashlyn and Daniel. Both of them are the perfect pair for each other but fall in love at the wrong time. At the beginning of the story, Ashlyn gets mesmerized by seeing Daniels’s performance.

With that music, Ashlyn completely falls for Daniel. Later she finds out that Daniel is her English teacher, thus it messes up everything.

Even though they try to avoid each other, they get more attracted. The story is a mix of friendship, heartache, romance, love, and moving own which attracts all the readers.

Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry

Book author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Publishing date: 10 May 2014
Ratings: 4.2/5
Category: Romance novel, forbidden love

2. Unteachable By Elliot Wake

Unteachable is a romance novel about Maise O Malley who just turns eighteen. She plans to get into a great film school and convince her mom to go into rehab. Later she meets Evan at a carnival one night; she gets some feelings for him.

After that Maise completely falls for him, as her mind was filled with the thoughts of Elliot. Both of them find themselves a perfect pair in this story, who understands each other’s problems.

The twist arises when Maise comes to know, that Evan Wilke is her new film teacher. They try to keep their hands off each other but fail in doing that.

Unteachable By Elliot Wake

Book author: Elliot Wake
Publishing date: 27 July 2013
Ratings: 3.8/5
Category: Romance novel, love

3. Welcome To The Dark Side By Giana Darling

The sweet relationship novel Welcome to the Dark Side is about Zeus and Lou. Their relationship starts when Lou is at the age of seven. The story begins with the life of Lou, who was a perfectly healthy good girl.

Everything gets into trouble when she gets cancer. Later she ran into a man named Zeus, who saved her when she was little. When Zeus offers her to show the dark side of life, Lou accepts it.

The story continues with mysteries and thrill. Their relationship evolves at each stage, and that is all the story is about. It is only suited for adult readers, as it contains a lot of violence, drug use, etc.

Welcome To The Dark Side By Giana Darling

Book author: Giana Darling
Publishing date: 17 December 2018
Ratings: 4.2/5
Category: Romance, Fantasy, mystery

4. Dawn of Forever By Jewel E. Ann

The heartbreaking novel Dawn of Forever is the story of Luke and Jillian (Jessica). The book is a trilogy novel series with, thrill, romance, and many other interesting things.

It is the conclusion part of the Jack and Jill series. In this story, Jillian travels to the West Coast for the men she loved. The romantic suspense in the novel will keep the story engaging until the end.

Dawn of Forever By Jewel E. Ann

Book author: Jewel E. Ann
Publishing date: 29 January 2016
Ratings: 4.6/5
Category: Romance novel, thriller, fiction

5. Their Stolen Bride By Vanessa Vale

The unnatural love story Their Stolen Bride is about Mary Millard and her two husbands. The story starts with her father’s plan to marry her to a cruel man. Later Mary finds two men who can protect her from her father’s choice.

She agrees with Parker and Sully to become their bride in favor of protecting her. The special kind of love of Mary makes this story unique and tempts the user to know the conclusion.

Book author: Vanessa Vale
Publishing date: 24 August 2016
Ratings: 4.5/5
Category: Romance, mystery

6. Exodus By Kate Stewart

Exodus is a part of the trilogy novel series The Ravenhood consisting of other books Flock and The finish. Exodus continues with the story of Cecelia and the fate she accepts.

Everyone in the story is six years later after the first story. The story involves epic love, first love, and even toxic love, which will make the reader addicted to it.

Exodus By Kate Stewart

Book author: Kate Stewart
Publishing date: 4 August 2020
Ratings: 4.4/5
Category: Romance novel

7. Birthday Girl By Penelope Douglas

Another formidable love story by Penelope Douglas tells about Jordan. She finds feelings for a handsome unknown stranger who is 38 years old, while she was only 19 years. Both of them get in love until Jordan realizes that the stranger was her boyfriend’s father.

A situation arises in the story which makes both of them stay at the same house. All the troubles they face give the readers interest to know what will they do next.

Book author: Penelope Douglas
Publishing date: 15 April 2018
Ratings: 4/5
Category: formidable love, romance

8. Wanting Mr. Cane By Shanora Williams

The love story between Kandy and Cane in the novel Wanting Mr. Cane is somewhat one-sided love at the beginning. Kandy a young girl falls in love at first sight with Cane, and never holds back. In the beginning, she was not expecting to fall for him completely but later fails to keep up with it.

Kandy was Cane’s best friend’s daughter, and this alone prevents him from loving her. Cane too has some feelings for her, and is ready to lose everything for her. The novel is good for all romance story lovers.

Book author: Shanora Williams
Publishing date: 2 June 2018
Ratings: 3.9/5
Category: Romance novel

9. Twisted Palace By Erin Watt

Twisted Palace novel is about the love story of Ella Harper and Reed Royal. In the beginning, both of them were like mortal enemies but later fall in love. Ella Harper was a tough, resilient girl who faces every challenge.

Losing her father and boyfriend made her weaker, and she was unable to overcome it. Reed Royal was a person who treated obstacles with violence. The twist in how both of them become lovers, and the obstacles faced by them, makes the story more engaging.

Twisted Palace By Erin Watt

Book author: Erin Watt
Publishing date: 16 October 2016
Ratings: 3.9/5
Category: Romance novel, suspense

10. Pretty Reckless By L.J. Shen

Pretty Reckless tells the story of Penn and Daria, which tells about their enmity and love. At first Penn and Daria were lovers, and Daria brocks Penn’s heart. The description in the story about how she brock his heart is somewhat terrible.

It will create a feeling for the reader. Later Penn repays for all that Daria did to him. The story continues with both of them being enemies. Twist arises when both of them end up living together at last.

Pretty Reckless By L.J. Shen
Books Like Punk 57

Book author: L.J. Shen
Publishing date: 26 April 2019
Ratings: 4.1/5
Category: Love, mystery

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Misha a boy or girl in Punk 57?

The unique names Misha and Ryen confuse others, whether they are a boy or a girl. Both of them faces related troubles from their younger ages. Misha is a boy also called Masen in the novel Punk 57.

2. What should I read if I like Penelope Douglass?

Penelope Douglass is a romance author, who has written many outstanding books. Those who like Penelope Douglass must read the books Falling Away, Loving Mr. Daniels, Welcome to the Dark Side, Exodus, etc.

3. Is Punk 57 appropriate?

Punk 57 is a standalone adult romance novel, which is suitable only for readers above the age of eighteen.

4. Is Punk 57 related to Devil’s Night?

Yes, the Devil night books series includes six books including Punk 57. These bestselling books by Penelope Douglas come with dark romance stories.

To Summarize

Punk 57 is a romance novel liked by many people. Those who are searching for similar novels can find them here; This article contains a summary of ten romance novels just Books Like Punk 57.

All the novels detailed here are under the category of love including unconditional, and formidable love. They will give the readers, the same reading experience as that of Books Like Punk 57.

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