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  • Books Like Red White And Royal Blue

    Books Like Red White And Royal Blue

    Red, White, and Royal blue is considered to be the best Debut novel of all time. Yes, you heard it right, It is the debut novel for Caise McQuiston and turned out to be a bestseller. books like red white and royal blue. The story of two young fellas, both privileged to be part of […]

  • Books Like A Court Of Thorns And Roses

    Books Like A Court Of Thorns And Roses

    The high fantasy fiction by Sarah J Mass was loved by the readers. It’s something similar to Beauty and the Beast. The fascinating story of a Nineteen-year-old Huntress, Feyre, who hunts a wolf in the woods which triggers a beast for retribution. The vengeance of the beast, who is an Immortal in the Faerie and […]

  • Books If You Like James Patterson

    books if you like james patterson

    James Patterson is an American writer and a philanthropist. Born in March 1947, his journey is full of milestones. James’ books sold more than 400 million copies and were the first author to sell a million ebooks. James has quite a handsome income, his income in the past decade was estimated at 700 million USD […]

  • Books Like The Cruel Prince

    Books Like The Cruel Prince

    The Cruel Prince is a story of a young mortal girl, Jude, whose ‘Never Give up’ behavior and ‘let’s fight against the vicious people around’ attitude not only help to survive among the monsters but find a place among the authoritarians. The girl is living in a faerie world with her 2 sisters, one of […]

  • Books Similar To ‘Song Of Achilles’

    Books Similar To ‘Song Of Achilles’

    Books Similar To Song Of Achilles ‘Song of Achilles’ is a Fiction novel with many mythological facts and a beautiful romance story of two young boys. Both these young pals are sons of different kings. Of Course, romance lovers would love the unconfessed love story of Achilles and Partroclus but the reason that readers loved […]

  • Books Like Dear Evan Hansen

    Books Like Dear Evan Hansen

    Books Like Dear Evan Hansen is a Fiction story where the main character Evan Hansen happens to be a socially awkward and anxious high school student. Evan is a friend-less student who pines for his classmate named Zoe. Evan was asked to write letters by his therapists in order to understand the roots of his […]

  • Best Top 10 Books Like We Were Liars


    We Were the Liars is quite an interesting story as the main character Cadence Sinclair Eastman loses her memory after an incident on their Island. books like we were liars Cadence is part of a wealthy family that seems to be a perfect family but has their secrets underneath the skin. Cadence’s Maternal grandfather had […]

  • What Book Series Is Like Wheel of Time

    books series like wheel of time!

    Best Books to Read Like The Wheel of Time – Shardik , King’s Dragon , The Way Of Kings , King’s Dragook , The Poppy War. The first season of the series was launched in November ’21 and the second season in May 2022. The novel was written by Robert Jordan and the series is […]